Cloning and PCR Services: shRNA-encoding vector construction

RNAi services

Altogen Labs provides RNAi Contract Research Services:

PCR Cloning: shRNA-encoding vector construction

Generation of Tet-inducible RNAi gene knockdown cell lines

RNAi screen pathway analysis: siRNA and microRNA library

RNAi manufacturing and CRO services

In Vivo Stable siRNA and microRNA – Chemical modification

Quantitation sh/siRNA-induced knockdown by qRT-PCR and WB

Reporter gene assays and Stable RNAi cell line development

Genome-wide siRNA and microRNA high-throughput screens

Stable RNAi Cell Line Generation: Stable Gene Knockdown

siRNA liposome encapsulation service

Transient (siRNA) and stable (shRNA) transfection services

Biodistribution and Xenograft Service

In vivo siRNA delivery and tissue-targeting

siRNA Transfection and RNAi Cell-based Library Screening